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Hart Motorsport Kick Off 2024

Last weekend saw us kick off the 2024 season but sadly it was not with style!

Despite great pace in the wet and dry things didn't fall our way.

The day started off incredibly wet and great credit to the track officials for clearing the standing water so heat one could take place. Woody had a great start but sadly lost it going for the lead. A trip into the gravel left us half a lap down but a stunning recovery drive ended up seeing us cross the line in P6.

Heat 2 was also wet and after the race we found we had a broken front hub which head lead to a terrible handling kart but Woody managed to bring it home in 7th.

Heat 3 and the track had dried out enough to switch to slicks. A messy warm up lap with a few karts not starting had somehow left us dead last on the grid. Despite this Woody drove amazing and after a few laps was up to 3rd with a comfy gap to P4. Sadly a tangle with a back marker while lapping them put Woody into the gravel and even though we got going again the best we could end up was 8th.

This meant we started the final much lower than our pace showed. Another turn one incident saw Woody sent into a half spin dropping us to the back of the field. Another stunning comeback drive saw Woody get back to 6th and right on the tail of the 3rd place battle. Sadly the Kart in 5th lost it under breaking and left Woody nowhere to go other than into his kart of the barriers. This lost nearly a lap and we came home in 11th in the end.

A very frustrating day all round but great pace so not all bad. We hope lady luck shines on us a little more next time out!

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