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Ferrari 512 F1 Models by Tecnomodel

Just announced for release at the end of 2021 are a collection of stunning 1/43 scale Ferrari 512 F1 models by Tecnomodel. New in production are the following versions of this stunning classic F1 car from 1965.

  • Ferrari 512 F1 1965 GP Italy Lorenzo Bandini

  • Ferrari 512 F1 1965 GP Italy John Surtees (as pictured)

  • Ferrari 512 F1 1965 GP Zandvoort John Surtees

  • Ferrari 512 F1 1965 GP USA Team NART Pedro Rodriguez

As with most Tecnomodels we are expecting a very small limited amount of each model produced so please feel free to contact us at to reserve yours today as we expect some of these to sell out on release.

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