Lotus 21 Climax Models just announced

The next exciting announcement from Tecnomodels are the release of these lovely 1/18 scale Lotus 21 Climax models from 1961. Coming soon will be the following 4 versions of these classic Lotus cars.

  1. Lotus 21 Climax 1961 Car 15, Winner USA GP Innes Ireland

  2. Lotus 21 Climax 1961 Car 8, 3rd Place French GP Jim Clark

  3. Lotus 21 Climax 1961 Car 28, Italian GP Stirling Moss (as pictured)

  4. Lotus 21 Climax 1962 Car 22, Belgian GP Jo Siffert

As soon as these stunning models have arrived they will be listed in store but if you would like any images of these cars, prices or discounted pre orders then please don't hesitate to contact us at

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